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MUSIC video

Josiah Siska - 3 Tequila Floor (Official Music Video)

Eric Gales - I want my Crown (Feat. Joe Bonamassa) - Official Music Video

Pauline - Ashley Ray

The HawtThorns - All The Right Reasons

Eric Gales - Stand Up

Unravel - Tigirlily

Moon Above the Desert - The Cerny Brothers

King Fish - Empty Promises



Red River Brewing - Rio Grande Sotol Commercial Spot

Terrapin Beer Commercial

Barefoot Republic - Short Film

Terrapin Beer Commercial 15

Currey Ingram Academy PBS spot

Nashville in the Snow

Center for formation Justice and Peace

Our Team

our team

We’re not hat makers but we wear a lot of them.

Nathan Meckel

Juggles microscopic details with big picture ideation while staying (it’s debatable) sane. Producer, award-winning music video director and aspiring mixologist, he moonlights as a published children’s book author and writer/prodcer of 45+songs for feature films & TV shows.

Mark Niemiec

Is the kind of problem solver the Rubik’s Cube hides from. Soft spoken with an artistic eye, he’s a charcoal grill convert who spends his spare time being a Grammy nominated mix engineer with a few of these things called, “Platinum Credits”.

Sean Kelly

His natural habitat is the edit room but out in the wild there are reports of his impressive camera work. You’ve likely heard his impressive guitar playing on the international smash hit “Kiss Me” by the band SixPence None The Richer (yes, he was in the band) but honestly it’s a mere foot note on the resume he’s building to apply for the offensive coordinator position at Notre Dame.

Party Tricks

Pre-production & Concepts
Production & Execution

Ideas & Planning

Project Management

Budgeting & Scheduling

Talent & Staffing

Caffeinating While Dreaming

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Directing & Filming

One Camera & Multi Camera

Art Direction

Locations & Permitting

Herd Cats With Grace

Sound Design & Audio Recording

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